About us

“An investment banker is an individual working for a financial institution that is in the business of primarily raising capital, bankers may also provide other services to their clients such as advice on mergers and acquisitions or reorganisations”


Who are we

M3 Capital  is a boutique investment banking firm, created in 2016 to become a leader in transaction advisory services to black-owned SMME businesses, a forgotten sector of the South African market.

We provide top tier banking services to our clients to unlock their acquisitive and expansionary growth potential, thereby creating long-term wealth opportunities.

Our Philosophy

We aim to pursue growth and nurture the intrinsic potential for excellence within black owned business. We are independent, committed, honest and ethical advisors.

We work closely with all parties involved in our transactions, fostering strong interpersonal and working relationships, ensuring we work as a team with our clients to help them achieve their strategic objectives.

Our Approach

We apply a calculated solution based approach specially tailored for each of our clients’ transaction needs, enabling us to bring a tailored end to end solution to specifically match the identified inherent risks of the transaction while meeting our clients’ requirements.

Our Experience

We believe that even the best strategies if not executed well are meaningless. Using our past experience in executing a multitude of transactions, we will hold your hand and carefully guide you through the transaction process right up to financial close.