M3 Capital through M3 Capital Investments (Pty) Ltd invests for its own portfolio, funds acquired through various investors and financial institutions. M3 Capital Investments (Pty) Ltd is currently in the first phase of it’s investment cycle and is working towards the completion of various investments.


Our Investment philosophy is one that aims to achieve the following key outcomes in each investment we make:


M3 Capital Investments is a 100% black owned company, and looks to partner with experts of all races who share their view on the strategic importance of transforming the local business landscape.

 Value chain Capture

M3 Capital applies a value chain driven approach in assessing potential investments, and seeks to expend its funds in investments that have the potential to fully incorporate the value chain.

 Long Term

We are patient investors, looking to create value in the long term. We practice the long view. We therefore only engage with investment partners who share this view and belief. Our portfolio is therefore not limited in its cycle and all our investments seek to achieve the best possible long term outcomes for all investor parties involved in the transaction.

Diligence Approach

M3 Capital Investments follows a highly-disciplined diligence approach. In assessing our investments, we follow a measured, risk analysis approach while also analysing potential catalysts to increase value in our portfolio companies in the long term.